The California Hemp Initiative
Needs Contributions Today

Thank you for your generous donations. Donations are used to hire professional signature gatherers for getting CCHI on the ballot.

Thanks to our Most Generous 2013 Donators:
  Letitia Pepper - $2500
  Lorraine Pepper - $2500

Big Thanks to our 2013 Fundraiser Donators:
  Recreator Hemp Apparel - $50

CCHI is a registered CA Ballot Recipient Committee
ID# 1303604

99 plants for the 99 percent

Paypal / Credit Card:

No Paypal Account Required

Mail Checks or MO's to:

California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2014
2242 Ralston St
Simi Valley, CA 93063

Any donation $100 and over must specify either:
employer's name, self-employed, or unemployed.

Big Thanks to our Generous 2012 Contributors!

Jack Herer Diamond Hemp Club $5000+
Richard M. Davis for $5000 - USA Hemp Museum
Mike Kleinman for $5000
Brenda Kershenbaum for $5000
Keith Sandy (in honor of Joan Gerber) for $5000

Gold Hemp Club $1000-$4999
Shelly Balloon for $2500 - A Unique Presentation

Silver Hemp Club $500-$1000
Law Offices of Bruce Margolin

Bronze Hemp Club $100-$500
James Smith
Steve Levine - Hemp Industries Association (HIA)
Julie Kershenbaum
Monzelle Dozier
Edmund Cohen

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